About us

Bar & Restaurant Amster Damster is our love and soul. It is said that we have the biggest portions of meals and drinks.

Try our homemade Dutch and Scandinavian dishes. We offer traditional foods, which you can taste only in their homeland: bitterballen, croquettes, smørrebrød and of course herring. Welcome to the cult of herring!

We devote special attention to alcoholic drinks. Unique signature cocktails are mixed on the basis of jenever (the Dutch ancestor of gin) and savoury herbal bitters. Moreover, we serve the craft beer of legendary Dutch breweries, the beer of Trappist monks and homemade liqueurs.

Here you can find a large selection of unusual dishes made of usual ingredients - hare liver crème brûlée, salmon waffles, zander fillet in nut crust and much more.

We are always happy to see you!


Our classics that appeal to our guests and team. These dishes are an integral part of the menu from the very establishment of the restaurant. And it is precisely after them that our long-time friends return most often, and new guests become permanent.


145 UAH

Croquette mix

157 UAH

Burger with fried herring

170 UAH

Classic European schnitzel

220 UAH

Tasty Novelty

Bakmi Goreng

147 UAH

Danish, not Dutch!

135 UAH


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